My iPod Dock


   After buying an iPod, I started to look for a decent iPod speaker system. I couldn’t find anything I liked at a reasonable price, so I decided to build my own.

   I looked into what is new in solid-state amp designs, but didn't find anything new or exciting. So I decided to go retro with a tube amp. I looked at some old Heathkit and Dynaco tube amps on e-bay, new amps from China and Japan, new designs, and a few available kits. I decided on a kit that had good specs, reviews and a reasonable price.

   Having designed and built a few miserable speakers in my past, I decided to look for some direction from an expert. I found a design that looked good, had good specs and fantastic reviews.

   After pricing everything out, I decided to build a single mono channel to see how it sounded. $100 for the amp, $100 for the speaker parts, $100 for wood (real oak, just couldn't use that compressed saw dust stuff). I ordered the parts and went to work. After about two weeks of working in the evenings this is what I came up with.

   The speaker is a Dayton III designed by Wayne Jaeschke. You can get the details here. There is also a good construction walkthrough by Alan Loprete here.

   The amp is an 8 watt mono block kit designed by George Fathauer. It is available from several sites, I bought mine from S-5 Electronics . A newer mono and stereo version is available.

   Even though it is monaural, the sound is unbelievable. I thought about building the second channel, but so far I'm happy with this.

   This isn't meant to be a DIY project, but if you have questions. Send an email to  and I’ll try to answer.


More details


Building the Amp


Building the Speaker